Mwelekeo Business Savings

This account is designed to be used by business fraternity, corporate (companies) and institutions.

Benefits include; No withdrawal limits, No operating balance, No ledger fees, Access to ATM services, Access E-Cash mobile Banking, Access to loan facilities, Access to free deposits through mobile merchants, Access to Agency Banking, Account accessible at any Branch and Access to checkbook on request

Premium Savings Accounts

This is an ordinary account designed for day to day banking i.e. processing of coffee, tea, milk and salary proceeds.

Benefits include; No withdrawal limits, Zero opening balance, Free deposits charges, Access to loan facility, Access to ATM Services, Access to Agency Banking, Access to E-Cash mobile banking and Access to check book on request.

Golden Salary Account

This account is design to process the salaries of the employed customers.

Benefits of this account; Zero operating balance, Access to mobile banking services, Access to ATM cards, Access to super golden salary loan, No ledger fees, Access to Agency Banking, Free deposits via fortune merchants.

Group Savings Account

This account is designed to encourage groups to save and access credit and grow to their desired potential.
Benefits include; Free deposits through fortune merchants (paybills), Free standing orders and Access to group loans 5times your savings
• Letter of application from the group fully signed by the officials
• Extract of the minutes
• National ID copy from group officials
• Group officials image captured at the branch

Maziwa Bora Account

This account is opened to dairy farmers and provides the farmer with a savings account through which all milk transactions can be carried out.

Benefits & Features include: Minimum initial deposits, Zero operating balance, No withdrawal limits, Account accessible to any branch, Access to Visa ATM card services and Livestock insurance available

Boda Boda Account

This is an account to help boda boda operators save and get flexible and affordable financing. Fortune Sacco will offer education to account holders on the best way to achieve maximum results from the business.

Benefits and features; Minimum operating balance Ksh 500, Visa ATM cards available, Access to mobile banking, Free deposits via fortune merchants and Account accessible to any Branch

Zidisha Savings Account

This is an account designed for daily transactions and savings needs for business ,employee salary processing etc.

Benefits & features; Access to instant advance, Access to cheque book, No monthly charges, Access to Visa ATM cards, Access to mobile E-Cash services, Free deposits via Fortune merchants (Paybills), Access to dividends from Zidisha shares that accrue at 8% interest p.a, Access to Zidisha loans with as low as 10.8% p.a and Access to 4 times your shares without security & 6 times with security.

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