Super Golden Loan Super Golden Loan

Loan Term

Upto 96 months

Business Loan Enterprise loan


One must be operating a legal licensed business for a period of not less than 6 months

One must have operated a Fortune Sacco account for at least 3 months

The business should be in existence for a period of 6 month

Loan Term

Upto 36 months


  • You’ll have a flexible repayment period
  • You can access the loan if you’re a Fortune Sacco member with an existing business
  • Your loan is processed and disbursed fast
  • You can use flexible and mixed collaterals for this loan
  • You can access it easily
  • Can be secured using Jiinue or zidisha shares

Asset Finance Asset Finance


One must have an active account

One must have a source of income

The acquired asset will be taken as security for the loan

Financing is done up to 70%

The borrower should be able to raise 30% of the value of asset

Very flexible interest rates

Working Capital Loans Working Loans


One must have a legally licensed business

One must be a member of fortune Sacco for a period of at least three months

Maziwa Loans Maziwa Loans


Two guarantors with equal or higher production

One must be a member of fortune Sacco for a period of at least three months

Insurance cover is available covering livestock with affordable yearly paid premiums

Group Enterprise Loans Group Enterprise Loans


Must have valid certified group certificate

Must have group constitution aligning with fortune group policy

Group must be banking at fortune at least 8 weeks

Group must at least min 5 people

Group members co-guarantee each other

Accessible to all groups

Group members be undertaking economic activity

Zidisha Loans Zidisha Loans


Must have Zidisha Shares

Must be an active Fortune Sacco account holder for at least 3 months

Fortune E-Cash Loan Mobile Loans

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