Thamani Junior Investment Account

Provides a plan for investing in your dependents’ future .The account is opened and operated by the parent/guardian on behalf of the minor( person below 18yrs).

Benefits & features:

  • Three (3) free bankers cheque for payments of school fees per year
  • Low minimum account opening balance
  • No cash or cheque deposits charges
  • Free internal standing order
  • Account accessible at any branch
  • No ledger or maintenance fees
  • No monthly charges

Jiinue Investment Account

This is an investment account designed for those customers who are geared towards saving in order to achieve dreams in life. This could be a house, piece of land, a car or any other project. One has option to choose the period to invest from 6 months to 12 months.

Benefits & features include:

  • A guarantee return of 10%
  • Top ups allowed
  • No opening balance
  • Minimum bearing balance of 1000
  • Access to mobile Banking platform
  • No ledger fees
  • No withdrawal charges upon maturity
  • Roll over upon maturity available
  • Access to loan facility of up to 90% of Jiinue deposit
  • Access to free deposit via E-Mobile Banking

Requirements to open this account:

  • Fill application form
  • Term or period of the investment

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