Motor vehicle insurance is a way of protecting yourself and your vehicle or cycle against the financial risks of driving & riding. The insurance policies typically cover damage to your own car or motor cycle, and injury or death to you or other people in an accident. Insure your motor vehicle or motor cycle with our insurance plans and enjoy peace of mind

Motor vehicle insurance

Insurance classes include;

  1. Comprehensive
  2. Third party
  3. Motor asset
  4. Third party fore and theft

a) Free valuation
b) Cover on fire and theft
c) Third party liability
d) Windscreen cover minimum 30000
e) Cover on towing and recovery from 50000
f) Cover on malicious damage
g) PVT


  1. ID copy
  2. KRA PIN
  3. Logbook copy

Motorcycle Insurance

Levels include Comprehensive and third party insurance.
Covers both Private use and BodaBoda with benefits on:

  1. Theft
  2. Accidental damages
  3. Third party liability


  1. Protection against legal liability to 3rd parties
  2. Spare parts and standard accessories spare parts
  3. Covers all Motorcycles and Tuk Tuks used for public transportation


  1. ID copy
  2. KRA pin
  3. Logbook copy.

How to make a claim


      Motor Vehicle Accident

  1. Accident Claim form to be filled by the insured
  2. Original police abstract
  3. Copy of the drivers license
  4. Statement by the insured on the circumstances of the loss.

    Motor Vehicle Theft

  1. Motor Theft claim form to be filled by the insured
  2. Statement by the insured on the circumstances of the loss.
  3. Copy of the log book in the insured name
  4. Original Police abstract
  5. Copy of the driver’s License.
  6. Statement by the insured/Driver.
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