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Savings Products

Our Savings Products

We have a variety of exciting savings products for your liking. Please read below for more information:

Sacco Junior Account

Provides a plan for investing in your dependents future. The account is opened and operated by the parent/guardian on behalf of the minor (person below 18yrs).

Dhahabu Fixed Deposit Account

This is an investment account that pays very attractive interest rates, aimed at customers with funds to invest for periods of between 1 to 12 months. All people i.e. individuals, business, companies, groups, churches and organizations are eligible.

Premium Savings Account

A flexible account to make and receive payments as well as grow your savings. The account is opened in individual names or joint names, registered business, group, church or organization.

Kahawa Account

A flexible account to receive coffee payments. The account is opened in individual names or joint names, group, church or organization.

Business/Mwelekeo Account

A convenient account for accumulating deposits, business transactions and for remittances like salary, farm proceeds like tea, coffee, milk ,etc. Can be opened in an individual’s name, joint names, registered groups and registered business names.

Jiinue Account

Jiinue Investment Account is designed for you who are geared towards saving in order to achieve your dreams in life. This could be a house, a piece of land, a car, farming or even growing your own business. With Jiinue Investment Account, you'll be able to put some money aside regularly and see it grow at unmatched interest of 1 0 % p.a.

Fortune Chama Account

The Savings account is tailored for formal and informal groups with the aim of saving while earning a high rate of returns and recurring and preparing for investment opportunities. Fortune chama account has a membership of 5 and above. Targeting Table banking groups, Family chamas, investment clubs and merry-go-round groups.


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Our Products

Savings Accounts

A savings account is a basic type of bank account that allows you to deposit money, keep it safe, and withdraw funds, all while earning interest. Savings accounts offered by most banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions are FDIC insured and typically pay interest on your deposits.

Kahawa Account

Kahawa Account

Savings Accounts

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