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Our Loan Products

We have a variety of exciting loans products for your liking. Please read below for more information:

Kilimo Loans

Kilimo Advance Loan

This product is; available to all tea, coffee and Dairy farmers, It depends on previous produce of one month and has quick processing & disbursement. Documents required when applying for this loan include certified production record. e.g. Tea advice slip, coffee delivery slip, out turn records, milk delivery records.

Kilimo Capital and Development Loans

This product is designed for all categories of farmers and enables access to flexible working capital for farming operations and development in their farms. It includes activities such as; acquiring farm machinery & equipment, upgrading farming systems and buying land, installation of zero grazing units, etc. It features; flexible repayment period as per earning cycle, interest on reducing balance. To apply you require certified production records e.g. Tea advice slip, Coffee delivery slip, Out turn records, Milk delivery records.

Kilimo Asset Financing

The loan product is designed to enable farmers purchase assets as machinery and equipment such as tractors, van etc. It requires asset to be used as collateral, and has flexible repayment plans coinciding with agricultural earnings

Consumer Loans

Salary Advance

Salary advance features; quick processing and flexible repayment terms. For eligibility, members must be in active employment. We require these documents; Original and copy of ID / passport, Original and copy of KRA Pin certificate, Original and copy of utility bill (residential address confirmation), Introduction letter from employer on company letterhead (salaried), and Current three latest pay slip fully satisfied

Pensions Advance

For eligibility to the Pensions advance, one must have pension being processed at the Sacco.

Golden Salary Loan

This is an unsecured salaried loan given to persons working in either public or private institutions e.g. Teacher service commission, Hospital employees, and schools vetted by the Sacco. It assists employees meet urgent cash needs, medium & long term goals and also acquire productive assets. It requires; you to be on a salary to qualify, the institution you work for must have an MOU with the Sacco, flexible repayment period up to 72 months, 10% of the loan rolled back to deposits, and interest rate on reducing rate. To apply, the required documents include; Original and copy of ID / passport, Original and copy of KRA Pin certificate, Original and copy of utility bill (residential address confirmation), Introduction letter from employer on company letterhead (salaried), Current three latest pay slips fully satisfied, A duly signed deduction irrevocable letter from the employer.

Enterprise Loans

Inuka Working Capital Loan

This is a product for a large working capital loan of ksh 20,000-300,000 for the market segment of micro and small entrepreneurs and ksh 300,001- 1,000,000 for small and medium entrepreneurs. Inuka working capital loan features; flexible and convenient, tailor made to fit into your earning seasons, quick processing (maximum of one week), and flexible repayment intervals and period(up to 36 months).

To apply, you require; current business permits, sales records/Receipts/invoice, business proceeds channeled through the account.

Business Asset Finance

These enable individual business owners to acquire assets for their personal and business development. The individuals must be operating an active account with Fortune Sacco.

Requirements include; active account with the Sacco, asset to act as security and has flexible repayment period up to 48 months.

Fortune E-Loan

Fortune E-Loan

This is a quick convenient access to cash through your mobile phone to meet urgency and carry out daily cash operations. To apply; you must have an active account with the Sacco, you need to have Registered for E-cash (*638#), and you must have a good credit history. You can automatically graduate to other amounts as you repay your loan well. The loan is repayable within 1 month. Processing of this loan is very fast.

Group Loans

Group/Chama Loan

Micro finance is accessing both financial and non- financial services for both credit and deposits to people with micro, small and medium businesses. The savings and loans modalities are through the group but members have individual records. The members co-guarantee each other and ensure even the very small business access credit and grows.

Biashara Loans

Designed to support group/chama members with small and medium businesses to access affordable financial services i.e 5 times your savings. It requires; Business skills training, monthly meetings & loan repayments, members to co-guarantee each other. Features include; flexible loan amounts and low interest rates.

Water Tank Loans

This loan gives group/chama members access to clean water for domestic use and sanitation. It is through strategic private partnership. It features; free deliveries, all sizes and has flexible loan repayments

Ng'ombe Loans

Features; members to co-guarantee each other, finances clients choice of animal, the cow must be in-calf or must be producing milk & inspected by a vet doctor who must issue a veterinary confirmation certificate - the vet document must be approved by the Sacco, insurance cover is available, fast loan processing, payment direct to supplier, flexible repayment terms (3 - 24 months), the maximum loan amount will be Ksh. 200,000.

Elimisha Loans

This loan enables group/chama members to access quality education for their families. It features; no hidden charges, flexible payment terms, cheques drawn directly to the institution, loan up to Ksh 100,000, low interest rates, members can co-guarantee each other.

Asset Financing Loans

This loan is designed to uplift group/chama members living standard. It features; Business skills training, Low processing fee, flexible loan amount, monthly meeting and loan repayment, and embers to co-guarantee each other.


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